After school program update

Our school instructors and the kids have been having quite the fun this semester and it’s already May!  We are almost done with this school year!  It’s such a pleasure to watch the kids develop and use their skills to create.

The classes have been going really well.  We are constantly amazed at how creative and imaginative the kids are. The class allows the kids to create all kinds of digital objects and The instructors have been encouraging the students to try new tools and techniques to create the objects and whole worlds on a digital canvas.  The kids have created everything from airplanes, to a fish tank, a town that runs on one giant AA battery, an office building, a clone army, a pizza delivery scooter and much more.  

Our instructors then transfers these objects into a game engine and the kids get to interact with the objects and scenes they themselves created learning some physics and game interaction and how game development works.   We encourage the kids to work as a team and in partnership with others so they get to collaborate and be challenged.  Once in a while as a special treat the instructors will show the kids a VR experience like a roller coaster experience or how some of the games work.   

Thank you for participating in the class.   Please feel free to reach out with any questions and if the kids are interested in continuing this type of learning throughout the summer please look at all the options we have for our summer camp - Camp Yokey

Yokey Pokey