Late summer camp spots still available

Camp Yokey’s 3D animation class which runs several times throughout the summer has been a hit with the kids and really fun! There are spots in some of our camp sessions still remaining, sign up at

During our week long summer course we covered various topics relating to 3D software and design. We introduced the campers to a program called Cinema 4D. We covered how to

● navigate the user interface

● build a scene with basic polygonal figures

● keyframing animations

The campers left feeling very excited after rendering their first scene! We learned how to download 3D assets and import them into a scene. We also covered

● texturing with diffuse, normal and bump maps

● how to mimic water using shaders and simulating liquids

● terrains and grass

● creating custom 3D humanoid characters Campers added 3D assets until their scene began to look like a cohesive environment. We also covered

● creating custom materials for scene objects

● utilizing motion capture data.

● Test rendering animations

After brainstorming throughout the week, campers continued structuring the environments in which the final animations would take place.

● Began working on final projects

● Imported animated characters with mixamo

The campers worked diligently to finalize their projects! Each of them created their own unique world with custom characters. They also included a song of their choice to use in their final video which the campers got to take home.

Yokey Pokey