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Fun and Educational - STEM & Art camp focusing on Virtual Reality

 YokeyPokey LLC offers an in-school program concurrent with the school year. We want to partner with schools looking to have students learn technology and coding specifically with the new technologies related to Virtual and Augmented Realities. If you have openings throughout the day and you’re looking to enhance your student’s learning reach out to us, we are happy to help.

Virtual Reality Camp- Bring Life To Virtual World 

Willing to set foot in the digital world and the world of virtual reality? Have a penchant for devices, coding, innovation, and love for virtual production of games?  Step in our Virtual Reality Camp to get real-time opportunities and to magnify your stance with regard to the virtual horizon. With us, you can amp up your skills to design games in multiple dimensions. From base handling of spare parts to fix them to bring parts into life, we will teach you all in our Virtual Reality Camp. Our intensive classes will let you remain tech-focused and hence exploring different horizons of tech advancements while utilizing your ability to let you be a part of it.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your school add an awesome & innovative In-School Program or After-School Program

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After School Programs

YokeyPokey LLC offers an after-school enrichment program concurrent with the school year. In 2018 – 2019 school year we partnered with a handful of local schools to provide STEM based educational programs at their locations. YokeyPokey provide all oversight and program delivery for every offered class.
Students may enroll in a range of classes, from coding to engineering to name a few. Engaging with STEAM, as well as other instructional styles, students engage with their courses in a variety of exciting and enriching ways.

  • All of our innovative programs and curriculum are developed in-house by subject matter experts and professionals in their fields.

  • All of our personally hired and trained instructors have backgrounds and passion in the subjects they teach. We train, coach and monitor our staff.

  • No cost or volunteer hours needed by the PTA during the sessions

  • We provide thoughtful and diverse class selection for each school and each semesterAfter School Programs

In School Program

Are you looking to have supplemental teaching at your school by a NYC approved vendor?  We would be happy to join your students in your school to teach them some of the amazing skills they will surely use in their future careers.  Coding, technology, design thinking and other classes are available.  Our dedicated instructors can fill a gap in your schedule and provide the fun and innovative curriculum we have developed.

Please reach out to and let us know about your classroom needs and how to get in touch with you.  We would love to work with your school and your classroom!